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Neurodivergent Weddings


How can you avoid wedding sensory overload for neurodivergent couples/partner


Love comes in all forms
Weddings can be organised for everyone with care

With some thought, couples can prepare and enjoy their wedding by breaking

the wedding up into 3 separate celebrations so that you can soak up all the festivities.



1.     Elope, just an intimate ceremony with the 2 of you.  The celebrant can even arrange

the witnesses, sign the legal documents then your elopement can be a honeymoon / getaway for a few days.


Organise the ceremony on day 2 of your getaway, to give yourself time to settle and

make sure everything is right for your day


2.     Organise a family get-together a few months later. 


3.     Then when ready (even a couple of months later), host a small reception party for

people you would like to celebrate with.



This way you can enjoy each celebration and not be overloaded.


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