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Completing the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

Updated: Jan 3


A completed Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be lodged with your intended celebrant at least one month (and no more than 18 months) before the ceremony.


This can be lodged as long as one of the couples has signed.  There are many reasons why only one party is available to sign but this won’t hold the process up, as long as both have signed and consented to be married prior to the ceremony.


The first page (questions 1 – 10) are straight forward with the names of both parties, address, occupation, place of birth etc

Questions 11 – 16 is information regarding your parents and where they were born.

Page 2 needs to be completed with an authorised witness (see below) as your identification needs to be sighted and both of you sign the NOIM.


Passport Notice of Intended Marriage

Evidence of Identity


Either -

  • Passport – importantly, city/town of birth and country


  • Original Birth Certificate AND Driver’s Licence or an Identity Card


Previously Married


Evidence that you are divorced / widowed

  • Divorce Certificate, decree absolute or nullity order

  • Death Certificate


Please note:  With all above documents, if you are not able to produce the originals, certified copies will be fine.


Documents in a language other than English


If any certificates or identification are written in another language, a certified translation by an accredited translator is required.



Witness of NOIM


The NOIM must be signed in the presence of an authorised witness. 


Persons who are authorised to witness your signatures are –

  • An authorised marriage celebrant

  • A Justice of the Peace

  • A barrister or solicitor

  • A medical practitioner

  • A member of the police force


If outside of Australia,

  • An Australian Consular Officer

  • An Australian Diplomatic Officer





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