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Funerals and Personalised Farewells

Annie Birch Funeral Celebrant
Annie Birch Funeral Celebrant



Crafting Personalised Farewells
Every individual is unique, and so should be their farewell. I am dedicated to helping you design and deliver a ceremony that truly reflects the essence of the departed.

Honouring Diversity, Embracing Tradition

Respecting all spiritual and cultural beliefs, I am here to assist you in every aspect of planning and preparing for funerals, memorials, and the scattering of ashes. Whether you envision a traditional ceremony or wish to explore eco-friendly options, together we can tailor every detail to your preferences.

A Ceremony of Tribute and Gratitude

The ceremony we co-create will serve as a time to honor the life of your loved one, express gratitude for their presence, and unite with your community in support. This shared experience aids in the grieving process, offering solace and connection during this difficult time.

Inclusive and Compassionate Guidance

My journey through life has equipped me with a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and sensitivities essential for crafting meaningful funeral ceremonies. Understanding the importance of inclusivity, I strive to ensure that every service is accessible and respectful to all, accommodating diverse emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.

Collaborative Crafting for Authenticity 

Guiding you through the process with care and inclusivity, we will together design a ceremony that authentically reflects the life and legacy of your loved one. Together, we will witness the transformation of your vision into a meaningful, memorable, engaging, and healing experience.


Package #1 – A Farewell 

Package # 2 – A ‘Living Funeral’ 

Annie Birch Funeral Celebrant
Package #2 – A ‘Living Funeral’ 
  • Living funerals offer the chance to break with tradition and have an uplifting celebration.  There are many reasons why someone might have one. They might be terminally ill, or they might simply be getting older and want to celebrate their life and relationships while they still can.

  • Picture the scene: all your friends and family have gathered together to celebrate your life. They share heartfelt tributes about how much you’ve meant to them and they laugh together at memorable moments.  Some use it as a chance to say the things they wish they’d said to you earlier. 

  • This probably sounds like a regular funeral, but what if there was one crucial difference?  What if the person on the receiving end of this outpouring of love were still alive and able to attend?


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