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Goth Wedding

Melbourne Wedding Goth Wedding Celebrant
Goth Wedding

Gothic (or goth) weddings typically centre around colours, themes, and decor that have a gothic sensibility — think black lace, deep red roses, and hauntingly beautiful venues. Gothic aesthetics stem from the namesake architecture that was popular in Europe during Medieval times from the 12th through 16th centuries.

Viking Wedding

Wedding Celebrant Viking Wedding
Viking Wedding

Often referred to as a "Norse wedding", these Icelandic ceremonies are sacred and rooted in centuries-old tradition. Guests can expect to see traditional handfasting’s, braided bridal hairstyles and even sword ceremonies. 


Traditional Viking weddings were always held on a Friday, which is known as Frigga's Day or Freya's Day. Freya was the goddess of marriage, love, and fertility, so it was considered good luck for the couple to marry on a Friday

Themed Wedding

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Themed Wedding

Star Wars

Disney themed

Mythical Forest


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