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Alternative Wedding / Commitment Ceremony

Kinky Wedding / Commitment Ceremony Celebrant
Alternative Wedding / Commitment Ceremony

One of things we all most cherish about our relationships is that we lead a kind of double-life. Of a day, we are responsible, hard-working citizens. But after a quick change we become adventurers well-versed in what we love about kink.

So, it stands to reason that you can plan a Alternative wedding or Commitment ceremony – with or without the legals.

Had a ‘vanilla’ wedding but wish to celebrate your alternative side with your friends

If I conduct your vanilla wedding, I will conduct a Alternative Wedding for a reduced cost.

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Collaring Ceremony Celebrant Melbourne

A collar symbolises your commitment and quite often your love and devotion to your Primary. A collar for submissives is one of the most fundamental symbols of their relationship and one that is usually guarded and protected with their heart. 

A formal collaring ceremony is what came about because of this need.

  • Is a physical representation of the emotional, physical, and spiritual bond between two people.

  • It is a way to offer commitment, while for others it is as significant as proposing marriage

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