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Annie Birch Celebrant wedding
Annie Birch Celebrant

     Hi, I'm Annie Birch

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Annie, and I am not just a Celebrant; I am your dedicated architect of magical moments. Based in Melbourne's West / Melton, I am on a mission to turn your dreams into unforgettable realities.

Passion, Excitement, and Love are the guiding forces behind every ceremony I craft. Your love story is unique, and it deserves to be told in a way that resonates with your hearts. That's where I come in — to create the kind of magic that makes your "I DO" moment truly exceptional.

💖 Why Choose Me?

  1. Passion: I'm fueled by a deep passion for love and celebration. Your joy is my inspiration.

  2. Excitement: Every ceremony is a new adventure, and I approach each with boundless enthusiasm.

  3. Love, Love, Love: Love is at the core of what I do. I believe in the power of love to unite, uplift, and create everlasting memories.

Ready to Travel Far and Wide!

Your love knows no bounds, and neither do I! Whether your dream ceremony is nestled in the heart of Melbourne or calls for an adventure in far-flung destinations, I'm ready to be there with you. Distance is just a number when it comes to spreading love and joy.

Let's Create Your Unforgettable Moment!

Your journey towards forever starts with a magical ceremony. I'm here to ensure that every word, every vow, and every moment reflects the depth of your connection. Together, let's craft a celebration that not only marks the beginning of your union but also leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present.

🌈 Contact Me!

Ready to embark on this magical journey together? Reach out, and let's start planning the celebration of a lifetime. Because your love story deserves nothing less!

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant

About Me

Annie Birch about me
  • I'm a Tassie girl who packed up and moved to Melbourne

  • I'm a proud mum of 3 

  • Love love love to travel - soaking up the history and culture - I have been lucky enough to have lived in different countries for short periods of time

  • In my spare time we are renovating our home, some days I think we are totally mad but it will be worth it, I keep telling myself

  • I have a great partner in crime and life

  • You will see my dog 'Milo' pop up in my Insta feeds from time to time 

  • I love 'junk mail' - don't usually buy anything but just love looking

  • The measuring tape tells me I'm 158cm - it must be wrong as I'm sure I am taller than that!

  • And for those of you who care, I'm a Virgo 

My Services

  • Large or small weddings

  • Legals Only - Registry style wedding

  • Micro weddings

  • LGBTIQ + scene

  • Hand fasting

  • Themed

  • Cultural and spiritual aspects

  • I can help you make your special day an event to remember.

  • My friendly and professional service ensures that each and every ceremony is unique to you and your partner and a celebration of love shared between yourselves and loved ones present.

  • Now offering my service as a Funeral Celebrant

melbourne wedding celebrant

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LGBTIQ Wedding Celebrant
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